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Products ★ Depth oil gage rod, Copper drag bar-style measuring bar,T-square,Aluminum connection mode measuring,Stainless steel drag bar-style measuring bar
Classical V-Belt is also called triangle belt, A tranect trapezoid shaped. It is made of highqualified tiltcut rubber-plated cloth as cloth rud layer,bending durable fatigue durable rubber as flexible layer( only D、E types provided)and compress,flayer,and high strength ployester thread asb inding layer.
High streng,high wear-ability,low elongstion,bears the inst-antaneous impact and the transmission power is big.
Special models or specifications can be made per customers order.
Made of neoprene,polyester tensil lensil layer high strength,low tensil distortion,low oil-durable attrition,durable aging,low prstortion, skid mipvlus,high coaping ability,high tranfer efficiency.
Combined v-belt is made of several classical cbelts.narrow v-belt and binding layers etc,excellent holistic,each belt endures symietrical force.working placiditity,high loading ability,long applied period fit for high power transportion inner.
V-belts are produced under the most rigorous quality control,
which guaranteeslong life span and resistance to oil.
A(15 to 237 inches)
B(18 to 300 inches)
C(39 to480 inches)
D(75 to 660 inches)and
E(144 to 660 inches).
Other lengths can be ordered and will be promptly produced and distributed.
Produced for transmission systems that operate in limited space,
offer to highrotation transmissions and to powerful engines,belts
that are smaller than theconventional ones.
SPZ / SPA / SPB / SPC (metric).
3V / 5V / 8V (inches)
Double V-belts
AA(51 to 128 inches)
BB(43 to 300 inches)and
CC (81 to 420 inches)
Lengths that are not in inventory can be made to order.
Produced form special raw materialcogged belts offer the best pulley-belt
adjustment,allowing smaller curvature radiuses and helping in the dissipation of heat
generated by the transmission system itself
AX (22 to 120 inches);BX (28 to 120 inches);
CX (51 to 120 inches),3VX (25 to 120 inches);
5VX (50 to 120 inches);SPZX (643 to 3048 mm);
SPAX (750 to 3048 mm); SPBX(1250 to 3048 mm).
lengths that are not in our inventory,as well as the DX line.can be made to order.
A special layer. They are produced in A,B,C,D, profiles and 3V,5V
and 8V that allowequa lized wear out in the system and reduction
of vibration.A (60 to 237 inches);B (60 to 315 inches); C (76 to 420
inches) ; D (90 to 600 inches); 3V (60 to 140 inches); 5V (67 to 335
inches) 8V (100 to 500 inches).
Lengths that are not in our inventory can be made to order.

Agricultural belts are produced to work under severe operation
conditions such asrain,sun,oil,grease,dust,grains and others.
For this reason.agricultural equipment should only use appropriate
belts because they are producedwith specific raw material that
offers the strength and flexibility required by this kindof operation.

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