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Products ★ Depth oil gage rod, Copper drag bar-style measuring bar,T-square,Aluminum connection mode measuring,Stainless steel drag bar-style measuring bar
Copper drag bar-syle measuring bar
(diameter of the thickest bar 28mm,diameter of the thinnest bar 20mm)
Aluminum Connection mode measuring bar
( 28mm in diameter )


Depth oil dip gage rod
Rod material:carbon steel with 0.8% of carbon
rod width:12.5mm copper hammer
Specifications:3 、5、10、15、20、25、30m

Water measuring rodCopper tube-style

Depth oil dip gage rod
Rod material:stainless steel
rod width:12,5mm stainless steel hammer

Water measuring rod (Copper tube-style and copper rod-style)
Specifications:330mm(scale interval 1mm)
It is used for measuring the depth of the oil tank bottom water layer.
Water-finding paste 、Oil-finding paste( it turns red when met with water in chemical reaction) Specifications;25g、50g

T-square(measure space height)Specifications:500、800、1000、1200mm

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